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    It's already the end of May and we can't believe it!! With school ending soon and summer coming up so quickly we know that you are going to have less and less time to get the extra work done for your business! WCE has a monthly Social Media Post Idea Guide and the June edition is ready for you!! 

    For those that are new to Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs ~ our Social Media Post Idea Guide is a list of social media posts that are complementary to each day of the month. There are ideas to promote yourself, your business, and ideas to create interaction on your page. We also include important or fun holidays of the Month ~ like Thank God it’s Monday Day! You can follow our guide day by day, you can pick or choose which posts work best for you and your business, or you can use these tips as a starting off point and come up with your own posts! Anyway you use this guide we hope that this streamlines your workflow, as well as, helps you get more interaction on your social media platforms. 

    You can click the button or the image below to get the FREE download now.


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    Networking has bad rap, but it doesn't need to!!

    When most people think of networking they cringe at the thought of walking into a stuffy room with sharks ready to attack you with their "pitch". Or you envision the old fear of the middle school lunchroom and you see yourself sitting alone in the corner and no one talks to you!

    While these feelings are understandable, that isn't the scene at most networking event (cough **especially WCE events** cough)!

    We found an amazing article breaking down the myths of networking.

    The 4 Myths of Networking Events according to Janna Kefalas are:

    • Myth 1 ~ Networking means going to a formal event in a business suit
    • Myth 2 ~ Everyone at the event is super confident, accomplished, and judgmental 
    • Myth 3 ~ You have to spout off a memorized elevator pitch
    • Myth 4 ~ Once you go to the event, you're off the hook

    We couldn't agree more that these statements are myths! Networking is actually fun and extremely important for your business so you that you can expand your reach to new clients and customers.

    The myths aren't enough though Janna goes on to explain these myths, why they're not true and some tips on how to make networking not only easier, but dare we!

    Follow the link here to read more about these

    And if you didn't know ~  Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs  has great opportunities for you to network! You can go to our Upcoming Events to see our events near you (we also hold virtual ones too!). You can join our FREE Facebook group HERE to connect with women entrepreneurs all over the U.S. You can also check out all the benefits of being a member of WCE HERE, and we have so many days on both Facebook and Instagram where we encourage connections and collaborations ~ so make sure you’re following us on all the platforms (see the icons at the bottom of the page)!! 

    Our goal here at WCE is help you find ways to make your business life easier! And we hope this helped you! If you have any questions please contact us at 

  • As many of you know the Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs’ mission is to promote, motivate, educate, and connect female entrepreneurs. We also try to find ways to lighten the load of being an entrepreneur and business owner! Each week we give tips or free downloads that usually streamline work flows, help get your creative juices flowing or give you valuable information that will help you grow as an entrepreneur. 

    We know that connecting with your audience on social media is important. Making sure to post on holidays is an easy way to connect with your audience. What isn’t easy is making the graphics for those posts! You could share graphics from other sites, which is perfectly fine especially if you like and want to promote the business you are sharing! But, the bonus of making a custom graphic with your website or your social media handle on it is when it is shared YOUR business is promoted! People will see YOUR business, no someone else’s! Now, we go back to ~ but, making graphics in not in my wheelhouse! 

    Don’t worry!

    WCE has created a few Mother’s Day graphics on that are fully editable! And these are free for you to use!! When you click on it you will be taken to the download which leads to If you do not have account with Canva you can go: to create one for FREE!  Once you do that you will be able to change the colors and add your logo, website and whatever else you need to do to it to make the graphic YOURS! 

    You can download a template we made for you HERE or by clicking the quote image below! 

    While you are in Canva make sure to poke around! There are so many amazing templates for anything you can imagine. Canva makes it easy to create custom images and graphics for your business.

    We really hope this helps! If you find yourself a little lost on Canva you can check out our two Canva Workshops right here in our SHOP. Jasmin Augustin of Media Jasmin does an amazing job of walking through all the amazing tools on Canva in the 2 part workshop! You can also browse our Articles for more free downloads and other tips and tricks. And please don’t forget to join or FREE facebook group where you can connect with other entrepreneurs, share experiences, and promote their businesses. And always if you have any questions or concerns please never hesitate to contact us at:

  • We can't believe it's the LAST DAY OF April 2021!!! Time flies by too quickly. We wish we could hold still the hands of time to be able to catch our breath a bit! Since we can't do that for you WCE is has created another Social Media Post Ideas Guide for you.

    For those that are not familiar with our Social Media Post Idea Guide, it is FREE reference for you to use when you are just stuck on what to post on your business' social media platforms. It is super simple to use ~ you can either use it day by day and take advantage of all the ideas listed or you can pick and choose what works best for you and your business. Lots of people have told us that just reading our ideas have sparked new ideas of their own! Yay! We love that!

    Well, without further ado ~ you can click the link or the image below for your Social Media Post Idea Guide: May Edition!

    May Social Media Post Idea Guide


    As always we hoped this helped. Our goal here at WCE is helping you find ways to make your business life easier! If you have any questions please contact us at And if you did find this helpful….please don’t miss any of other helpful articles HERE and our Upcoming Entrepreneurial Workshops which you can find by clicking on the Upcoming Events tab or by going HERE!

  • As an entrepreneur building and maintaining your network is extremely important. Not only do you need this network of other entrepreneurs and business owners to help you build your client base, your network can be your go-to for support. As we have said before being a entrepreneur can be a lonely gig. It is so important to find that group of like-minded people that can be there for you and you for them.

    Here 5 ways we have found that can help build your network as an entrepreneur:


    We know this might seem overwhelming to some people! Going to events where you don’t know anyone ~ it can bring back horrible nightmares of the junior high lunch room on the first day of school! Haha! But, don’t worry! Networking events aren’t as scary as you think….at the right ones aren’t. They can be very welcoming, inviting and inclusive. Make sure you come prepared with how you are going to explain your business to people. In some events (like WCE’s networking events) you will have 30 seconds- 1 minute to be able to introduce yourself. Make sure you can get what you offer and a little about yourself in that time. Practice at home, it sounds silly, but it helps! Also, don’t just talk business!! We know this may seem counter productive, but you’re not necessarily trying to find clients, you’re trying to make human connections for your network. You want to build relationships. Be yourself and you will find ways to connect with those at the event.


    There are so many great networking and support groups for entrepreneurs on social media and online (cough * WCE is our favorite * cough). To find some, we suggest by looking for local neighborhood groups on facebook. Once you’re in those you can ask if anyone knows of a good networking group in the area. There are other speciality groups you can join that aren’t necessarily for entrepreneurs, but they usually have days that you can post about your business and you can start making connections with the business owners on those days!


    Now that you have made connections in your online groups start making real life relationships with your connections. For example, on Mondays WCE offers Social Media Monday on Facebook and Follow Back Monday on Instagram. Say you comment on those posts and you follow the other business owners that have posted too. Make sure to reach out to them and thank them for the follow back and continue to actively follow them on those platforms by liking and commenting on their posts. You may even make a strong enough connection that you can meet in person! Which leads us to number 4...


    Collaborating with other entrepreneurs is so good for your business! It helps both parties grow their potential network of customers. You can find business owners in your industry that compliment what you do ~ or you can find connections completely out of your industry, but still compliment your business. For example, say you’re a boutique owner, but you collaborate with a photographer. Together you could do a mini fashion shoot at your boutique! For a certain price women can come with their friends, pick a cute outfit from your store and get a photoshoot with their friends. You could even add a makeup artist and hairdresser too! Think outside of the box on how you can work with others to grow your businesses TOGETHER!

    And Lastly…


    None of the above will work if you don’t stay consistent. And we know this can be hard because there is so much work that goes into owning a business, but consistency is what truly works.

    These don’t seem too hard and lucky for you Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs can help you with all of them! Yay!!! You can go to our Upcoming Events to see our events near you (we also hold virtual ones too!). You can join our FREE Facebook group HERE to connect with women entrepreneurs all over the U.S. You can also check out all the benefits of being a member of WCE HERE, and as we mentioned before we have so many days on both Facebook and Instagram where we encourage connections and collaborations ~ so make sure you’re following us on all the platforms (see the icons at the bottom of the page)!! 

    Our goal here at WCE is help you find ways to make your business life easier! And we hope this helped you! If you have any questions please contact us at 

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    The world is slightly obsessed with videos - on youtube, facebook and just about anywhere you look you can find people streaming videos. 75 million people watch video everyday! So, the question is - Have you considered how beneficial videos could be for your business? We have done some research and found videos are important for the growth of your business.

    According to Hubspot....

    • 97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service
    • 76% say it helped them increase sales
    • 47% say it helped them reduce support queries
    • 76% say it helped them increase traffic
    • 80% of marketers say video has increased dwell time on their website

    These stats say it all. Video helps drive traffic to your business and leads to actual sales! We know making a video is easier said than done. That is why WCE has created a video content marketing checklist for you! The checklist is simple to use and will help you get on the right track to making videos for your business. There are 5 topics on the checklist that we have broken down below.

    The first step is to Plan and Prepare! You need figure out what your main goal for the video you are creating. Do you have a product you want to talk about? A new service that you are excited about? Whatever it is, plan what you want your customers to do with the video they are watching. Make clear point and try to make a call to action at the end of the video. Another important thing to focus on when planning your video is your target market. Who is your target market and what do they like? Make the sure the content in your video appeals to those in your target market! 

    Next up is the equipment. You can can stay simple by sticking with your smartphone for your recording device. Other options to record on are a  Go-Pro or any type of a camera that records video. You will want to use a tripod to reduce camera shake. The tripod keeps your recording device steady while filming. An external microphone is recommended, but not necessary.  You will also need editing software or an editing app on your phone. The software that were recommended by Aja Vickers of Aja Vicker Global Media are: Adobe Premiere Pro ($21/month), Blender, Lightworks, Shotcut, DaVinci Resolve, and Openshot. And for the apps suggests apps such as Adobe Premiere Rush, Lumafusion, Kinemaster, and good old iMovie. Other optional items when shooting your video are a backdrop and some lighting.

    Now onto the fun stuff ~ the Recording of the video! The first thing to do is find a location that is well lit (preferably with natural light), quiet (so there is no distracting background noise), and a background that is simple and not distracting to the viewers. If you are unable to find a spot with good lighting or a clean background this is where the backdrop and lighting would be needed for extra equipment. After you find your location and you set up your equipment do a test round to make sure audio is working and so that you can get comfortable with the content. It is a good idea to take multiple takes,  you then can edited the best takes together with your editing software or app. Added tip ~ when taking multiple takes leave a few seconds of silence before and after talking for easier editing.

    Speaking of editing ~ once you feel satisfied with your recordings it is time to move onto editing. Use one of the editing software or apps mentioned above or chose one that you have found that works well for you. When editing continue to be mindful of the length. Here are some stats from on importance of video length:

    • “Shorter videos tend to have better engagement:
    • If a video is less than 60 seconds, over two-thirds (68%) of viewers will keep watching until the end.
    • If a video is over 20 minutes long, only 25% of viewers will finish it.
    • Generally, videos that are 2-4 minutes long perform best and will have more people watch to the end. But if your video supremely engaging, time is not as critical a factor.”

    Another thing to keep in mind when editing is branding your video. To brand your video you can put your business logo in the corner of the video or simply put a clip at the end of the video with your logo and contact information. It is always best to not use music or sounds that you don't own or that are not copyright free.

    Last on the checklist, but certainly not least is the uploading of the video! When uploading the video make sure the title of the video is relevant to the content. Do the same for the description and add keywords that relate to the content and your business. Include video tags that will make your video easy to find and be mindful if you want comments on your video to auto load or if you want to approve them. These tips pertain mostly to YouTube, but check the features on Facebook or other social media platforms to see what upload features are available to enhance your reach.

    We believe this is a great place to start to making professional quality videos! But, it really is just the tip of the iceberg. To get more in depth learning check out past Workshop on How to create Professional Videos with your Smartphone and our upcoming coming Workshop Getting Over Your Fears of Being on Camera!   

    This was a lot of information, but is all on the FREE printable Video Content Marketing Checklist that you can download HERE or by clicking the image below!

    If you found this useful please go through our other Articles where you can find more helpful tips and more FREE downloads. And please head over to our Upcoming Events or our Shop to see our other upcoming & past workshops we have more than just video production! Our  workshop topics are created to help you become the best business owner you can be! We always have your back here at WCE! 

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    We might ask ourselves ~ Is brand indentity and awareness even important for a business? Well, according to "81 percent of consumers said that they need to be able to trust the brand in order to buy from them”. How are you able to get someone to trust your brand or your business if they don't know you? Well, that is why brand identity and awareness is so important ~ to get your business out to the consumer and gain their trust! But, creating a brand that can be trusted by consumers can be a daunting task. A good place to start according to Sophie Newman of Florida Winter Marketing is by asking yourself these questions:

    What do you want to be known for?

    Who do you best serve? 

    What is the story only YOU can tell?

    When answering these questions you need to keep in mind that being authentic is key! Being authentic is the fastest route to being trusted by consumers.

    80% of consumers said “authenticity of content” is the most influential factor in their decision to become a follower of a brand. 

    After you answer those three questions and begin to have an understanding of the “feel” or mission of your business the question now becomes ~ how do I get my brand seen by consumers?

    The answer is Brand Awareness.

    Brand awareness (defined by is "critical to the success of your business. When people are aware of your brand and its logo and other marketing, you will sell more. People are more likely to buy from a brand they know or click a website from a brand they are aware of."

    To create brand awareness you need to develop your brand identity. And according to the 8 Elements of brand identity are:

    1. Name
    2. Logo
    3. Colors
    4. Slogan
    5. Image
    6. Shape
    7. Graphics
    8. Typography

    Let’s break each of these elements down.

    Name: You probably already have the name of your business, but if you don’t please take time to come up with your name. You want it to reflect what you are as a company and what you do and/or sell.

    Logo: As a former graphic designer I can’t stress the importance of your logo enough. You want the logo to be simple and easily recognizable, you want it to stand out from other brands. If you already have your logo, but don’t love it ~ you can always change it and do a brand revision.

    Colors: Using a signature color can increase brand recognition by 80 percent. Colors set the mood of your brand. You want to pick a theme of colors and stick with them. Make your brand and your social media feeds cohesive. You want people to see your content and know that it is coming from you before they even see your business name!

    Slogan: Your slogan should go with your mission, but be short and memorable. Make sure it projects what you do as a company.

    Image:  As stated by 8 Ways Mediait takes about 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for people to form an opinion about your website! YIKES! So, you want your images to be great! Your images are similar to color in that you want your images or photos to be cohesive. So, you can either do your own photoshoot to get your “look” down or pick stock photos that have the same look or feel to them. If you need help with this check out our workshop on How to Photograph Like a Pro HERE.

    Shape: This is for businesses with products. You want your product to stand out from others especially if they are on the shelves at stores. One way to do this is give your product a unique or eye catching shape. One that people can start relating to your business.

    Graphics: Again, like your images and colors you want your graphics to stay consistent. When creating graphics you want to use your brand colors and your brand logo. You will also want to use the 8th element of brand identity ~ Typography.

    Typography: The typography for your brand are the fonts usually used in your logo. But, you don’t have to just stick to those 1-2 fonts for all of your graphics. You can pick a few that go well together and again… guessed it ~ Stay Consistent.

    As stated above we suggest you add your logo to all graphics and content you create. With that said, if you find content that you like make sure to credit who said it or where your found it!! Not only is this a way to stay out of legal trouble, it’s just good business. Someone worked very hard to create that content ~ it’s not cool to steal it. What is cool is to share it! Even if you create that quote or idea into your own graphic/post give the person credit. You simply state who it came from in the graphic. You can also tag them in the comments it will help their brand recognition and most likely they will share your share and help you become seen by their followers! It usually is a win~win! 

    If it isn’t clear, the obvious theme with brand identity and awareness is staying consistent. Consistent presentation of a brand has seen to increase revenue by 33 percent  according to Lucidpress! You want your colors, images, and graphics to have a feel that represents the mission you created for your business. You want to make sure that these are used throughout all of your channels and social media platforms, so no matter how someone finds your business it all looks like YOUR brand! 

    We have an added bonus freebie! Let us begin by saying we do highly suggest getting a professional graphic designer for your logo and images for your website, but we know that hiring a graphic designer for all your social media posts is not in everyone’s budget. That is why we are big fans of They make it super easy to make beautiful content with there templates. Now for the FREEBIE! WCE has created a quote graphic template for you!  Once you click on it you will be taken to Canva. If you do not have account with Canva it will ask you to create a free one. Once you do that you will be able to change the colors and add your logo, website and whatever else you need to do to it to make the graphic YOURS! You can download a template we made for you HERE or by clicking the quote image below!

    If you have never used Canva or not sure how to upload your brand colors and logo or use any of the other great features on Canva you check out our Canva Workshops lead by Media Jasmin! Design Like a Pro: A Canva Workshop 1 can be found HERE and Design Like a Pro: A Canva Workshop 2 can be found HERE.

    We really hope this helps, along with our Canva Workshops we have other amazing workshops to help you become the best business owner can! Our upcoming workshops can be found in the “Upcoming Events’ tab or by clicking here. And all of our past workshops can be viewed in the "Shop" tab or here. Make sure to browse our articles for more free downloads and other tips and tricks. And please don’t forget to join or FREE facebook group where you can connect with other entrepreneurs, share experiences, and promote their businesses. And always if you have any questions or concerns please never hesitate to contact us at:  

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    With the final days of March among us we can help but think of our social media posts…..

    Oh, the dreaded social media posts for your business! It can be so hard and so time consuming to think of, create and then schedule posts for all your business’s social media platforms. And although Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs can’t do all of that for you (we wish we could) we did come up with a Social Media Post Idea Guide! WCE does this MONTHLY to help relieve business owners of some of the stresses that come with owning a business so you can focus on other parts of your business. And we have the April edition of the Social Media Post Idea Guide hot off the presses!

    Before you download the Post Idea Guide we suggest that when planning your day, week, or month on social media you start with a goal in mind. Do you have a topic you want to target, a certain product or service that is new or you’re having a special on? Think about what you want to communicate to your audience and have that goal in mind when reading WCE’s Post Guide.

    Now, you can use our Monthly Social Media Post Idea Guide by following day by day, you can pick or choose which posts work best for you and your business, or you can use these tips simply as a guide and come up with your own posts! Whichever way you use it, we want you to always BE YOU and show your value! We found it’s best with any of our ideas to put your own twist on it that can really showcase you and your business. Use your platform and posts to present to your audience your value and the value of your product and/or service.

    With all that said you can download for FREE WCE’s April Social Media Post Idea Guide by clicking HERE or clicking the photo!

    We hope that this streamlines your workflow and really helps you get more interaction on your social media platforms. A bonus tip: to get even more interaction on social media don’t forget to like and comment on other people’s post and interact with anyone that comments on your posts too! We know it’s time consuming, but it’s worth it!

    For more tips and free downloads please browse through our other Articles HERE. And to learn more in depth about business topics, such as, learning how to grow your business on LinkedIn, overcoming your fear of the camera, or even how to use Facebook Ads check out WCE’s Upcoming Workshops HERE or our past workshops HERE. WCE is always here to help ~ if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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    Back in November of 2020 WCE held a Workshop called How to Photograph Like a Pro. During this Workshop Leslie Osbourne of Bessie Bakes Backdrops went over in detail on how to take professional quality photos of your products. We thought the information was so amazing we wanted to revisit a snippet of it here on our blog. Continue reading to learn about the different types of lighting, lighting angles and camera angles that can be used in photographing your product.

    “Photography Principle number one ~ Light is at the heart of photography. You can get wrapped up in countless details, but in the end it all comes back to light. Light is arguably the most important element of a photo. It can make or break it, it paints your subject and it creates depth and helps give your photo a WOW factor.” ~Leslie Osbourne.

    First type of lighting we will be talking about is Hard Lighting. According to photokonnexion “Hard light is found where the lighting is direct, undiffused, and is not bouncing or scattered by local objects or conditions. The flash on your camera is a hard light source. When direct and undiffused by clouds the sun is also a hard light source. A hard light source is relatively small and/or large and distant.”

    Here is Leslie’s example of Hard Lighting. 

    Leslie took  this photo next to a window when the light was beaming through the window. There were no diffusers between the object and the direct light source which created strong shadows. She took this photo in the afternoon when the sun was starting to set and the window was facing directly towards the sun. Hard light is usually used when you want to create drama or a mood in a photo.  

    Next is Soft light. Soft light is described by photokonnexion “is light that creates shadows with a gradual transition from light to dark. There are no hard shadow lines. It is created from a scattered or diffused light source. Soft light is found where the lighting is indirect or where it passes through a diffuser, clouds or some other medium which scatters the light. Diffused light can be light that has bounced off one or more surfaces before it hits a photographic target.”

    In Leslie’s example you can see that the shadows are much softer and gradual and you don’t have the harsh light coming through the photo. 

    The lighting is much more even throughout the photo. Soft light is diffused, you can get this on a cloudy day, you can get it artificially with parchment paper or a translucent curtain over your light source or window.  

    Now onto directional lighting. First up is Backlighting. 

    Leslie described backlighting as  “lighting up your photo from the back of the scene. Lighting it from behind creates a very beautiful glow casting over the items you are shooting.” In the example that Leslie shows she is shooting the back lit photo from above so you can see how the backlighting casts over the objects in the photo. These photos work the best for objects that can be viewed from above, such as a table spread. This type of lighting does not work well with objects such as “bottles, or subjects that are standing upright”. You will lose the detail in the front of your object, so if you have a label on the bottle you want to be clear you may not want to use this type of lighting.  

    You can see in this  behind the scenes of a backlit photo that:

    • Backlight lights photo from behind

    • Camera is overhead or at the angle opposite of the light (don’t block the light)

    • Photographer is opposite the light (don’t block the light)

    • If using a tripod, you can stand anywhere that doesn’t block the light.

    • You may need to use a reflector to bounce light back into the photo

    Another type of directional lighting is Side Lighting. 

    In the Workshop Leslie explains Side Lighting as lighting that “comes from the side of your photo from either the left or the right. So, you can have a window or artificial light on either the left or right side of your scene” She goes to say that side lighting is “generally much more even in the way that it lights your photo”

    In Leslie’s example of Side lighting she uses diffused (or soft light) side lighting which creates softer shadows and has more even lighting. In this particular photo Leslie used a reflector to bounce light back into the photo so the lighting even throughout the photo and the side of the photo opposite of the light didn’t fall into shadows. This is a good lighting situation for the bottles with the labels.

    Overview on Side lighting for Flatlay:

    • Light is coming from the left or right of the subject

    • Lights your subject evenly

    • Also works best for photos taken head-on like a burger or items standing upright

    Leslie added “Side lighting is consistent and it’s a go-to lighting angle”.

    Leslie goes on to explain the option of a mixture of both back and side lighting. 

    Back and side lighting can be achieved when light is at a 10:00-11:00 or 1:00-2:00 position in regards to location of your scene.

    The benefits of combining back and side lighting is that it “lights your subject evenly yet gives the glow of backlighting”.

    Below is a behind the scenes of how Leslie achieved the lighting in this particular photo.

    In the behind the scenes Leslies backdrop is positioned at a slight angle and her camera was located at the base of the subject she was shooting as she didn’t want the photo composition to look crooked.

    Next up on directional lighting is Overhead lighting. This is when the lighting is positioned directly  over or above the subject. When photographing food or objects Leslie does not suggest having the “lighting directing above or even directly in front of it. What this does is it flattens out the shadows and it doesn’t allow for enough dimension” This lighting could be ok when shooting a person. 

    Leslie shot the example photos in a restaurant (right) and on her dining room table (left). You can see that the objects look flat and the overhead light is unflattering for food. You can use overlight to showcase your product on your website to show all of the detail with little shadow. When using overhead light use an infinity backdrop or light box that can reflect the light all around the object. But, for food or product STYLING photos it’s best to stay away from overhead lighting.

    Camera angle is also important when taking a photo. In this photo Leslie shows three examples of different types of angles. 

    ~ Overhead Angle: Gives a “birds eye view” and used in flatlay photos
    ~ 45 degree Angle: Camera is in front of the subject, but angled just slightly above it
    ~ Straight On Angle: Camera is directly in front of the subject

    There is a plethora of knowledge that Leslie gives in the almost 1 hour long How to Photograph Like a Pro Workshop. You can watch the workshop HERE. And you can learn more about Leslie Osbourne and how to purchase the beautiful backdrops that Leslie uses in some of her examples at

    Our goal here at WCE is helping you find ways to make your business life easier! If you have any questions please contact us at And if you did find this helpful….please don’t miss any more of our upcoming virtual workshops! You can find them in the menu bar under Upcoming Events or you can click HERE

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    Women's Council of Entrepreneurs had the privilege of interviewing Laila Ghauri the woman behind Antares Law Firm. Learn all about Laila, the risks she took, and how her diverse background became her biggest asset and drives her passion to help fellow entrepreneurs pursue their dreams.

    Tell us a little bit about your business and what you do

    I am the founder and principal attorney at the Antares Law Firm. Antares Law Firm is a boutique law practice dedicated to providing innovative services to individuals and small businesses. I support our clients in building and protecting great companies and generational wealth. Most of my work is focused on trademarks, domain name issues, small business advising, and contracts.  

    How or why did you decide to start your own business?

    Prior to starting my own company, I used to work for a larger law firm and was a small gear in a big machine. I had very little contact with people we served, our clients. I began to notice that in most firms, there were not many partners or leadership that looked and had life experiences like mine. I decided to go out on my own to take a chance on myself, my skill sets, and my dreams. I wanted to see the impact of my work in the world, I wanted to know my clients. These past two years have been amazing and humbling. It's incredible to see how your work impacts and changes lives. 

    Why did you choose this business or industry?

    The legal field found me. I was previously working for and teaching at universities. I chose to work on projects that incorporated legal matters in higher education and learned my mind was made for this kind of work. I focus my legal practice in the world of small business and trademarks because I love creating things and enjoy helping other people do the same. 

    Did you have any major setbacks or obstacles getting started?

    It's terrifying to start your own business when you know you can have stable employment elsewhere. It requires an emotional level-up. When I first started I took a pay cut. Law school doesn't teach you how to run a business. There was a learning curve. When I first started, I was the accountant, the marketing team, the intake team, the business strategist, the paralegal, and the lawyer. It was a lot. It's been worth it when you see it come together and take life.  

    What differentiates your business from your competition?

    I am an anomaly in the field. There are not many female, South Asian attorneys running their own law practices in the United States. I worked extensively in three different industries before I became an attorney. I have lived in numerous places in different parts of the world, not to mention traveled extensively for work and pleasure. I speak three languages. The conglomeration of my experiences situate me in a really amazing space to provide out-of-the-box solutions for my clients. Being different, I have learned, is one of my greatest assets. 

    I am an artist as much as I am a lawyer. Running my own boutique practice has allowed the artist to come out and play and create things. Once you overcome the fear, the process of being an entrepreneur can become rather enjoyable. 

    What are you most proud of about your business?

    I'd have to say that would be the first case I won for a small business client against a multi-million dollar conglomerate.  In that moment, the impact of my boutique law practice became real for me. I saw the tangible effect my work had on others.  

    How has your industry changed in the last few months and how do you see it changing in the future (or will it)?

    The pandemic is reshaping the law. While in some ways many legal processes are slower, the pandemic is making legal services more accessible. Attorneys are more likely to work with clients on digital platforms. So folks in areas that could not physically access an attorney, can now do that. 

    In my line of work, the number of people starting new businesses and filing trademarks has increased substantially. It shows us that the pandemic has not killed the American spirit of ingenuity and creativity. We are a nation that knows how to survive and thrive. I enjoy being part of that process. 

    What is your favorite small business?

    The Katra Box, which is a small business founded and operated by Ghonva Ghauri, my little sister. It is the first-ever lifestyle and wellness subscription box for South Asian women. You should check them out.  

    Antares Law Firm offers an hourly rate or a flat rate depending on the type of case. You can connect with them on social media or visit their website to find pricing and book an initial consultation to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget. 






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