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Tips for Using Hashtags on Instagram

14 Jan 2020 5:30 AM | Anonymous

Tips for Using Hashtags on Instagram

~Utilize all 30 Hashtags~

Instagram gives you 30 hashtags and there is no reason that you shouldn’t utilize all 30!

~Look to successful accounts that are in your niche~

Look to the ones that have been successful and see what hashtags they are using. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel! Use what has worked for others!

~Use relevant hashtags~

Remember to use hashtags that are relevant to YOUR post and directed at the audience YOU are trying to capture. What is the story you are trying to tell and only use the hashtags that compliment that!

~Don’t use banned hashtags~

Check Instagram ~ type in the hashtag, if it shows up then it mostly like safe, if it doesn’t show it up it is completely banned. You can also click on a hashtag and if it doesn’t show “most recent” option then it is partial banned.

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