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Gratitude Journal: Exploring What Makes You Happy.

26 Nov 2019 6:00 AM | Anonymous

A Gratitude Journal: Exploring What Makes You Happy.

Gratitude. What a powerful word. This word means a lot during this season, with Thanksgiving right around the corner. But, we strongly believe that gratitude should be recognized in your daily life all year. Do we follow this usually? Well, no. We let our own thoughts get in the way of that, we over think things, we focus on others successes instead of our own, and we let negative thoughts rule our day. 

We created this Gratitude Journal template not only because we thought it was fitting for the season, but also because Ali, one of WCE’s co-founders, just went through a rough thing this past week. Her youngest daughter, who is 6 years old, had to have an emergency appendectomy after a week of being very sick. Her daughter is home and recovering after a 4 day day stay at the hospital that they thought was going to be 5-7 days! This is after her middle daughter had/has health issues that they have been monitoring and fixing for the past two months. While sitting in the hospital room with her youngest, Ali started designing the Gratitude Journal. She did because she had so much to be thankful for. Even though her kids’ health was not well at the time, she still had them with her. And not only her children, but so many of her friends and family. So many people came to her aid to help in any way they could. This created positive energy that she then projected onto her daughter. It made Ali realize the importance of gratitude.

Gratitude also carries over to our professional lives. Always focusing on the negative aspects of your mistakes or what you could have done will not help you achieve your goals. You need to find the silvering lining in each of your days to help project you forward towards where you want to be. You need to be at peace with the process and realize all that you have to be thankful for around you. So go ahead, download the template here: WCE Gratitude Journal.pdf and follow the steps on the journal page.

Start creating the life you deserve, by finding some light in the life you already have. 

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