5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Business Cards

20 Jul 2021 7:45 AM | Anonymous

As entrepreneurs and business owners we are always looking for new, innovative ways to do business. And though business cards might not be the first thing you think of when you are making improvements to your business ~ they are extremely important. Business cards are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote your business. And as we all know business cards are vital when networking. You can simply hand your business card with your name, email, website and phone to someone and boom they have your contact info ~ so easy! You’ve made a personal connection AND they have your contact information.

But, times are changing and digital business cards are on the rise. Some may as ask ~ What is a digital business cards?! A digital business card is an electronic way to store and share your contact information. So, what are the benefits of that over the paper format version? Well, we have complied 5 reasons below on why we think the digital format from Popl outshines the paper format! 

1. Share ALL of Your Information

This one might seem silly because you’re probably thinking ~ ummm...you can share all of your information on a regular business card too! Well, you can usually fit your business name/logo, your name, phone number, and website and sometimes there is room for a social media handle or two. But, with the digital business card you store all of your basic information (name, phone, email, website) plus ALL of your social media handles. And more importantly this is not just written on a piece of cardstock, they are DIRECT links to all of your information. So the person that scans your digital business card can click on all your links and be visiting your website instantly.

2. Cost Effective

You can make your digital business cards for free in some cases. And if you go with the brand Popl you will only have a one time charge (from $15-30) for the “popl” to put on your phone and then no charge after that. Unless you want to get the PRO version of their app. We all know paper business cards aren't crazy expensive, but you have to keep buying them which adds up.

3. Eco-Friendly

Speaking of needing to keep buying paper business cards. The digital version of a business card is much more eco-friendly since you're not printing on 500+ pieces of cardstock. Yay!

4. Easily Accessible 

Digital business are easily accessible for both you and the person you are “giving” it to. Your digital business card with Popl is always attached to your phone so as long as you have your phone near you, you have your business card. We all know we can’t say the same for traditional business cards, unfortunately. I can’t count the number of times I have been somewhere and someone has asked for business card and I have nothing to give them. And as for the accessibility for the person you are giving it to ~ they will instantly have YOUR information directly on their phone and they do not need the app to receive your information. They can save your contact info or friend you on social media right there on the spot. Easy!

5. Easy changes

Speaking of easy! With the digital business cards you can easily and instantly change your contact information if needed. Obviously with traditional paper cards you have to redesign new ones, order and then wait for them to be printed.

With all that said, we understand change is hard sometimes, so we suggest keeping paper business cards around while you are making the switch to digital. Have a few paper ones available just in case you encounter a not-so-tech-savvy person, but they still need your information! If you are ready to make the digital plunge we have a referral code and a 20% off discount code that you can use at Popl! Just click the buttons below for the referral and for your 20% off!

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